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I cherish my individual rights and liberty.  I understand that, if man is to know freedom, these concepts must be founded on the notion of Natural Rights and the Social contract.  Sadly, I also know that there have always been and will always be those who seek to curtail mankind’s freedom.  Our time is no exception to this rule.  If anything, there are more people trying to restrain our individual rights and liberty today than ever before; the ways in which they seek to do so more numerous; and the tools available to them more devious.  What these people seek to do represents an injustice to humanity, and as I have always been driven by a thirst for justice, I am compelled to do whatever I can to fight this injustice.  But mine is not so much a thirst for justice in a particular sense as it is in the general; for I am a lover of all truth, but especially of eternal truths like the principles of liberty. The justice I seek is the conformity to and preservation of this truth and it is for this purpose that I started The Road to Concord.


This blog has several objectives.  First, I hope to help others learn about the eternal principles of Natural Law, the Social contract and how they are crucial to the preservation of individual rights and liberty.  Second, I want to help people learn history, especially the history of how these men and, eventually, put these ideals and principles into action in the form of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  I also hope to help people understand that history is alive by showing them how the events of today are connected to and driven by the past.  Finally, I want to contrast these ideals and principles with those who oppose them.  I want to use history to reveal who these people are, what they believe, why they believe it, what they want and how they have said they intend to achieve their goals.  In keeping with my desire to show how history is alive and the past drives the present, I will illustrate my arguments by explain how selected headlines from the events of our day actually represent the modern manifestations of the past.


I hold a degree in philosophy.  Part of my schooling taught me the principles of what’s known as ‘right reasoning’ (the proper method and application of logic and critical reasoning).  As a result of my training, I try to bring the rigorous application of logic to all my studies and, while I am fully aware that I’m not infallible, I will make every effort to adhere to these principles in everything I post on this blog. As part of this effort, I will endeavor to present an accurate and faithful representation of others’ work, and to fully cite my arguments so others may verify whether or not I’ve done so.  In was taught that original source documentation is the most reliable.  It is impossible to tell a person who developed an idea that he is wrong about what he believed, or why.  It is also a mistake to deny that person the truth of what he wrote.  So, wherever and whenever possible, I will rely on original source documents, and I will grant the truth of whatever their authors said.  Where it isn’t possible to access original sources, I have and will continue to put in the time necessary to investigate their citations so I can verify that they are faithfully and accurately conveying their information, just as I expect others to do with me.


While I will refer to other figures in history, to other texts and documents and to other philosophies and ideologies, I will confess that the bulk of what I will argue on this page is my own.  Yes, it has been heavily influenced by those who have come before me, but then, those same people were equally influenced by those who came before them.  This is part of what I mean when I say history is alive and that the things that happened yesterday drive the events of today.  I will do my best to always credit others when I am using or referring to their work.  However, barring and inadvertent omission on my part, wherever I have given no such credit – especially when the argument being presented would be out of keeping with the work of others – it is safe for the reader to assume I am making my own, original argument(s).  I would also like to make it known that I came to many of my positions at a time in my life where I was thinking for myself, but I was not actively reading and researching the work of past philosophers.  Consequently, I have arrived at many conclusions that had already been reached by those before me, yet I will assert them as my own – because they honestly are.  What’s more, I am the first to arrive at the same conclusion as another without being aware of them or their work.  Some may think my attitude presumptuous or even borderline plagiarist, but I see it as an affirmation that the things I believe are valid and built upon solid ground.  After all, if so many different thinkers, in so many different places and in so many different times can all arrive at roughly the same conclusions, then this in itself is an affirmation of the universal laws we all assert to be real.


For the most part, our society has lost touch with its own heritage.  Our schools no longer teach our history, and when they do, what they teach is usually wrong.  All too often, it’s intentionally wrong: consciously altered by those who have been entrusted to educate our children but who have seized that trust and their position for the purposes of indoctrinating our children to their political ideologies and agendas.  For this, and many other pressures on our society, we’ve lost touch with the foundations of who we were and who we are still supposed to be as a people.  It is my hope that, by doing my best to share what I’ve learned in my search to reclaim the past, and by organize this information in a manner that is easily understood and readily available to others, I might be able to serve others who are seeking to learn the same history.  In the end, I just want to serve others, and because that is how we are told we can best serve God.


I tend toward the verbose.  Difficult as it may be to believe, I seldom miss an opportunity to say in a paragraph what could be said in a sentence.  But then, I am writing under the assumption that many of those who read this blog won’t have read the same books and documents I have read and, therefore, won’t be as familiar with the history and ideas I’m discussing.  I’m also trying to be very precise in with my language so I can make myself understood and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.  Once I figure out how, I will most likely use video blogs to help those who do not have time to read my posts or who may not care for my writing style (I speak differently than I write).  So, should I tend to prattle on, or I explain things with which you are already intimately familiar, I trust you will understand my motives and forgive me.


4 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Awesome work here. I hope to share some of your work on my blog to get Jamaicans onto a path of reason and fostering a culture with human freedom at its centre.

    • RightFromYaad,

      I will try to make the time, but feel free to cross post anything I do here on your blog. I mean for this page to help others do EXACTLY what you are doing: reminding people about the foundations of individual rights and liberty 🙂

      • As you may have seen from our blog, we utilize a lot of writings from Black Philospher-Economists namely, Walter Williams and Tom Sowell to make it more palatable for Jamaicans….to grasp the concept of liberty.

        • I LOVE both of those men. They are great men and GREAT Americans. I count myself a student of their work and will soon be posting a couple pieces detailing some important lessons I learned from Thomas Sowell. In my opinion, you can’t do any better. Nice choice and nice job 🙂

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