Natural Law Tells Me The United States Is A Dead Man Walking

This chart shows you the cycle that history has always taken, but it does not show you a key to the cycle. Today, we are at that point of dependence, and, lest some outside force intervene, we are destined for bondage. This is how human societies have worked since Creation. It is a cycle because it is part of Natural Law: the Natural Law of Human Nature. However, there has been a change in the balance of this natural cycle: a change that will leave humanity in bondage forever.

The growth of the religious sentiment which is key to building the courage necessary to breaking the hold of bondage is, itself, dependent upon ‘new blood.’ By this, I mean people entering from outside of a society. People who enter the dependent society and preach the faith which sparks the courage to reclaim liberty. Today, the world is too small for the cycle to function properly. Because of the push to make the world into a single community, there is no ‘new blood’ to preach faith. What’s more, with the ability of modern tyrants to control nearly every aspect of our society, and to do so on a global scale, there is no way for a dissident movement to form. China is living proof that, the moment the government feels threatened by a religious group, it can and will destroy that religious group.

The American Revolution succeeded because it was rooted in the religious sentiments of the Reformation and Great Awakening. It succeeded because of the ‘new blood’ of the Puritans, Quakers and other believers who preached and pushed for a more pure form of Scriptural governance. That is where our Founders found the courage that sustained them through the Revolution and the turmoil which followed, and their success was YHWH’s reward for their faith. But this pattern can no longer happen. Computers and cell phones and social credit scores, monetary control, government-run media — all of it has combined to give our dictators the absolute ability to crush any and all dissent.

History also shows us another pattern, and it is best recorded in the Scriptures. When a generation abandons its faith in YHWH, the third generation from that point will be Godless!* Scripture measures such generations as 40 years. The last, truly God-fearing generation in America was that of the WW II generation — the Greatest Generation. The Greatest Generation is also the generation that kicked YHWH out of the public square. They did so in the 1960’s. So, from the 1940’s until the 1980’s (the first generation), then until the 2020’s (the second generation). and now until the 2060’s (the third generation). This has already happened to Europe. They are a generation ahead of us, and it shows. Today, they are nearly devoid of true believers in YHWH, The One True God.

This second cycle continues. Once a society becomes utterly godless, it turns pagan, and total depravity takes hold of the People. They lose all sense of moral underpinning. Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. People cannot tell the difference between the sexes, perversions are normalized and normality is criminalized. The rule of law collapses and chaos reigns. This leads to the collapse of civil society, which opens the door to total despotism. This is not only the point at which the United States finds itself today, but it is the point at which the entire world currently stands. Now, whether you believe or not — that is irrelevant. History records what happened the last time the entire world became godless and lawless:

“As in the Days of Noah…!!!”

So, why do I believe the United States is a dead man walking? Simple: because I believe both the Scriptures and YHWH’s Natural Law (and I know that history supports them both). I know this nation is under judgment because I know — with absolute certainty — that Man cannot and will never change YHWH’s Laws. The fact that we have started to believe we can speak changes to those Laws into existence is proof of the fact that we are already suffering from wide-spread depravity. What’s more, there is no sign that things are going to get any better. Unless YHWH sends revival, and the People of this land repent like never before, things are going to continue to collapse — because that is what the tyrants want. They need the chaos. It empowers them. The chaos empowers them. And who is the god of Chaos? Which makes that figure the god over those who seek to destroy our world so they can rule over the ruins. I beg of all who read this: heed my warning!

Let him who has eyes to see, see; and him who has ears to hear, hear!

4 thoughts on “Natural Law Tells Me The United States Is A Dead Man Walking

  1. YHWH has told us there is only one way to save our country when He sends sends the drought, or the locus or pestilence. We must fall on our faces before YHWH, pray, seek His presence, and turn from our wicked ways. YHWH then promises to hear from Heaven, forgive us of our sins, and restore our country. There is no other way. No person, no political party, no religion, nothing outside of what YHWH says. We have YHWH’s solution to the problem however His people do not want to humble ourselves and admit that we are the problem. We do not want to repent of our wicked ways. Unless YHWH sends a brokenness to our pride and humility to our heart there will be no restoration of our nation. STOP! Let’s pray right now. “Father open my eyes to your truths, humble my heart before you, give me the strength and desire to forsake the sins in my life. Help me to walk in Your spirit so I will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. I ask that your will be done in my life and on the Earth as it is in Heaven, amen.

  2. A dead man walking… Let us all pray that the nation be like Lazarus, restored by the power of God. But yes, too many have fallen away from faith, and we need revival, repentance, confession, and a turn away from our wicked ways before the restoration can come.

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