CONNECTING THE DOTS: The Many Agendas Behind COVID-19

OK, look, I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one.  What follows is going to sound crazy.  I know that much of it is probably true and I’m still having a difficult time accepting it.  Nevertheless, I believe there is enough here that it needs to be shared.  It will take time to work through it, and you will not see what I am seeing unless you spend that time, but — for those who are willing — the evidence is right here.

First, I want to start with something I learned on Monday, Nov 25, 2021.  I was listening to the Preston Scott radio show, WFLA Talk Radio out of Tallahassee, Florida.  You will need to go to the start of the third hour and start listening from the moment he comes out of the news break.  He is speaking with a lawyer who has filed a national case against the U.S. military.  This lawyer is trying to defend those military personnel who do not want to be jabbed.  During the course of the last hour of this show, he explains many of the known problems with the jabs, but he also says something very alarming.  He explains that, if you get an mRNA jab, your DNA will be altered and, according to the law, you will become the intellectual property of that drug company.  Technically, the law sees you as ‘no longer human,’ and, as a now proprietary created organism, you become the property of that drug company.  The lawyer provides the statutes, case law and rulings behind this, giving all the information necessary to verify it for yourself.  Give it a listen and judge for yourself.

Preston Scott Show: Monday, October 25, 2021

Next up, we know that the NWO folks want to crash the global free market and replace it with their command economy.  However, they cannot do this openly without the very real risk of people seeing what they are doing and eliminating them, instead.  This is why they have to find a way to achieve their goals while keeping a strong case of deniability.  At the same time, never forget that these are the same people who want to eliminate some 6.5 Billion people from the face of the planet — and they are deadly serious about it.  Oh, and these are also the same people who funded the Wuhan lab and helped them to create COVID-19, a man-made virus.  To these folks, the perfect storm would be to find a ‘crisis’ that would allow them to do both: destroy the free market and kill off a large number of people at the same time while having something else to blame for it that does not point directly to them.  This is where COVID enters the picture.  COVID has provided such a crisis, and it has worked beyond their wildest dreams (that is, if it isn’t actually part of an intentional plan).  The following comes from a friend of mine who helps me find the pieces to this global picture:

You have an economics degree? Is this how government kills two birds with one stone?

Let’s war game the apparent “vaccine” “mandate” strategy –
Evil and ingenious?

Notice I put both “vaccine” and “mandate” in quotes – for neither are what they’ve been fraudulently claimed to be.

An executive order is announced
But the rule and regulation making process is NOT started-(which is when the legality of the proposed action can first be challenged in court).
Then, without legal authority- the businesses announce the implementation of the illegal mandate (notice not government action, which makes it more difficult to challenge)

This makes it more difficult to challenge – for each individual business has to be sued …

Arguably – each business does NOT have legal immunity from the adverse reactions of the unknown drug being given in the scientific experiment
Without informing the patients of all the potential adverse affects
Or if the specific ingredients contained in the injection.

The damaged individuals sue the businesses – and bankrupt them …

What happens next?
Bankruptcy court

Liabilities skyrocket – stocks become worthless.

The assets? Well, they are critical infrastructure required for national defense

The federal government assumes control / ownership of the company assets (like they did with GM and Chrysler in 2008-9)

The experimental drug victims lose their lives

The owners (stockholders) lose their livelihoods

The government wins.

Remember, Woodrow Wilson designed a system of government where the government, media, schools and industry all worked together.  The idea was to train them all at elite universities where they would become friends, intermarry and then go off into those areas where they are best suited.  This means that the heads of international corporations only pretend to be at war with government.  They are actually working together, just like the DNC and GOP are.  Maybe now you will start to understand what Rush really meant when he said politics is Hollywood for ugly people.  It is all part of the ‘Deep State,’ it is designed exactly to Wilson’s blue print and it is working very well so far.

Now, it is easy to see that they are crashing the economy.  The inflation and supply shortages; the forced firings blamed on refusing the jabs; coupled with the skyrocketing cost of fuel and the forced ‘green’ policies; they all point to one conclusion: someone is intentionally collapsing the economy.  Even Joe six-pack can see and understand this one for what it is.  No, the thing that is hardest for people to see and accept is that the jab is actually giving people the virus and then using them to spread it to others.  Worse, it is harder still to accept that the people forcing the jab on us know that they are killing people with their policies.  But this is what the data is telling us.  We now know that the majority of new COVID and delta variant strains are fully vaccinated.  We also know the jabs are killing people.  The data shows it — even after the data is skewed to eliminate those who have been jabbed, but are still inside a 14 day window — when most people die from the jab.  Worst of all, the data clearly shows that giving this stuff to children is far, far deadlier than letting them catch COVID-19.  At the same time, they deny and prohibit any and all conventional treatments that have sown any sign of being effective in treating COVID.  The only rational conclusion is that they are intentionally killing people.

I am not the only one coming to these conclusions.  This video clip is from the Steve Deace show, and it includes an interview with Ami Horowitz.  In that interview, Horowitz lays out the data and explains that the only conclusion is intentional mass murder.  Before that interview, Deace had just finished doing the same thing, only he used data from other sources.  If you have any doubt at all, watch this video:

They’re Coming for Your Kids | Guest: Daniel Horowitz | 10/27/21

Finally, there is this.  I have sent it to a friend of mine who speaks Chinese (namely because he is from Taiwan), and he has confirmed that the English translation in this video is accurate.  The man who sent it to me is friends with a lady who escaped Communist China a few years ago.  She is the one who gave it to him, and she also says the translation is correct.  I’ll just let you watch and draw your own conclusions, but as for me, I see nothing but ominous omens in this video clip:

Jarome Bell Twitter account was deleted by Twitter for tweeting this

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