COVID ‘Vaccine’ Death Report — Download And Save This One!

Folks, If you are looking for credible evidence that these ‘vaccines’ are dangerous, download and save this report.  Then, ask the vax crowd to show you why this is wrong.  If they cannot do so using hard, verifiable data, then this report should be accepted as factual and we should start acting accordingly.

The Vaccine Death Report


[NOTE TO BELIEVERS: We know that, on Judgment Day, when the lost try to tell the Lord they were never warned, the Lord will show them how many times they were warned, but they never listened.  Well, how is this any different?  We have had many credible doctors trying to warn us that these ‘vaccines’ are dangerous, and many of them have paid a high price in terms of damage to their reputations and careers.  Personally, I consider them to be the equivalent of martyrs in the fight to tell the world about what is happening to us with these ‘vaccines.’  I pray you will have ears to hear and eyes to see — before it’s too late.]

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