APPLIED LOGIC: Ockham’s Razor And The Questions Surrounding The COVID Virus And ‘Vaccines’

NOTE: This is one of the most complex posts I have written on TRTC.  This is because it is also one of my most important posts.  I am going to do my best to keep it as simple to understand as I can.  To this end, I am only going to explain the key points, but I will provide many links to further information that will better explain and supports those points.  I have chosen only one or two single link for each point, but I can assure you, there are many, many more sources for each point available for those who wish to research further.  These links are provided for those readers: the ones who wish to learn more and/or verify the veracity of my assertions.  However, the links are only support for my argument, they are not central to nor even necessary to the argument I am about to make.  So, with this said, I will begin by asking you to please, try to stay with me to the end of this post.

I want to start with a video of the Steve Deace Show.  My purpose is to demonstrate both my attitude and my claim to being able to examine the issue at hand.  I am offering the video because, in the section I am going to highlight, Deace speaks in the same tone of voice I feel, and provides the exact same credentials I wish to assert for myself. In fact, I could have spoken these exact same words in the exact same way and they would have applied to me as equally as Deace applies them to himself.  So, to set the stage for those who might not know me personally, I ask you to go to open the link below and go to the 26:30 mark, then listen through to the 28:40 mark.  That is my mindset and claim to qualification for writing everything that follows.

Good News While We Were Away | Guest: Dr. Ryan Cole | 9/21/21

Now that you understand the mindset and attitude in which I am currently writing, and the qualifications I am claiming for why my argument should be given consideration, I would like to start by listing several stories which may have escaped the reader’s attention (or about which the reader may have forgotten).  I will list the article first, then offer a comment on how I view each story afterward.  In no particularly important order, these stories are:

Matrixxx Grooove: Hospitals KILL Coronavirus Patients By Not Treating Them With Ivermectin – Brighteon.TV

I understand that our ‘officials’ claim that Ivermectin has not been proven to be effective in treating COVID-19, but this simply is not true.  There are far too many serious, properly conducted and even peer-reviewed studies now that have determined Ivermectin is — as a matter of actual fact — a highly effective treatment for SARS-COVID-2.  What’s more, I have witnessed it work for six people, five of who were in the high-risk category, and I know of three more people who were cured by it, one of whom was about to be hospitalized and may have even been put on a respirator had he not been treated by a doctor who risked his license to proscribe the Ivermectin.  These are all proven facts.

State entities could ‘take action’ against doctors prescribing Ivermectin

The same threats were made to doctors who proscribed hydroxychloroquin early in the COVID-19 outbreak.  Both hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin have been repeatedly proven to be effective treatments for CARS-COVID-2.  ‘Authorities’ have threatened legal action and revoking of licenses to prevent doctors from proscribing these medications.  These are all proven facts.

Pfizer Company Suppressed Ivermectin Use As COVID Treatment – By Mordechai Sones – 1 Aug 2021

There have been persistent reports that drug companies have been suppressing the effectiveness of Ivermectin.  Some of these reports have come from whistleblowers who formerly worked for these companies.  The veracity of these reports and whistleblower testimonies has yet to be ascertained, but — as I said — they are persistent.

Study Finds Remdesivir is a Total Bust

URGENT!! REMDESIVIR GENOCIDE! REMDESIVIR Killed 54% of People It Treated it With.

This one is a bit more uncertain.  It is true that, in many cases, Remdesivir is the only approved medication for the SARS-COVID-2 virus.  It is also true that the effectiveness of Remdesivir in the treatment of other viruses is disputed.  Finally, it is true that several studies claim Remdesivir killed as many as 58% of the patients who received it in clinical trials for use against other viruses.  However, the evidence that Remdesivir is or can be lethal has not been as well established as the effectiveness of Ivermectin, the use of which ‘Authorities’ are trying to prohibit.  It should also be noted that, in many cases, there are connections between the ‘Authorities’ who are trying to block to use of cheap, readily available and effective treatments and the drug companies making the more expensive and contraversial drugs and ‘vaccines’ those same ‘Authorities’ list as the only approved treatments for SARS-COVD-2.

Gov. Cuomo sent 6,300 COVID-19 patients to nursing homes during pandemic

Five governors besides Cuomo who sent COVID-19-positive patients into nursing homes

This is another point that has been proven factual: COVID-19 patients were forcibly placed into nursing homes where — by definition — the residents are at high-risk of contracting and dying from the virus.  It is also a proven fact that these actions violated all known medical practices for protecting those deemed to be at high-risk of contracting an air-borne virus.  It is not known how many people died as a result of the actions of these governors, but all estimates are in the thousands, some are in the tens of thousands.

Report: California Put Coronavirus-Infected Inmates, Including Illegal Aliens, into Communities

It is a fact that intentionally releasing people known to be infected with a virus deemed as dangerous as COVID into an unprotected and uninformed population places the people within that population at risk of infection and even death.  It also facilitates the spread of that infection.  Both of these are in violation of sound public health policy.  These are proven facts.

Border Patrol not testing migrants for COVID before they’re released across US

30 percent of illegal immigrants in border facilities refused COVID vaccine: report

First, it is a fact that allowing these illegal aliens into this country in the manner that the Biden Administration is doing is both a violation of U.S. Law (which is a violation of the Presidential Oath of Office), as well as a breach of the Federal Governments Constitutional duties.  But it is also a violation of the same public health practices cited in the comments of the previous story.  This is all a matter of fact.



First, let’s review what we have so far:

The Facts At Hand

–Hospitals are allowing people to die by intentionally withholding other treatments that have been proven to work against SARS-COVID-2

–‘Authorities’ are threatening legal action against doctors who proscribe these other life-saving treatments.

–There are persistent but un-verified reports that the drug companies know these alternative treatments work.

–The only approved treatment for SARS-COVID-2 is produced by these same companies and has been accused of being lethal in previous trials for other viruses.

–States intentionally forced infected patients into high-risk populations which then resulted in thousands of additional deaths.

–States are intentionally releasing people known to be infected with COVID-19 into their populations.

–The Federal Government is doing nothing to prevent illegal aliens infected with COVID-19 from entering the country.

Ockham’s Razor stipulates that, if all other things are equal, then the simplest explanation for an observation is usually the best observation.  According to this method of evaluation, and assuming all other things are equal, which is the simpler answer:

That there are good, reasonable explanations for each of the factual occurrences I just listed?

Or that there is a coordinated effort to kill people?

Ockham’s Razor would lean toward the conclusion that they are trying to kill people!


By the way: Steve Deace arrived at this very conclusion on his Sept 16, 2021 show.  If you’re interested, please click the link below and go to the 4:20 mark, then just listen until you have had enough (it gets really good at the 11:00 mark, but you really should watch the set-up before that point).

Newest Data on the Vaccines | Guest: Andrew Bostom | 9/16/21



Before the reader dismisses this conclusion because they do not believe the government would ever intentionally kill its own citizens, I implore you to do some research — because it would and has!

Top 10 U.S. Government Experiments Done on Its Own Citizens

Secret Government Experiments On The American People

Unethical human experimentation in the United States

The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments




Here is where regular readers might be caught off guard, because:

I am not so sure that trying to kill people is all that is going on here!

I know that the ‘vaccines’ are being pushed by modern Eugenicists, many of who are also part of the ‘depopulation’ crowd.  So I am confident that the elimination of a great many people is well within the realm of probability here.  However, given that I am aware of some other pieces to this puzzle, I strongly suspect there is actually something more that is going on in regards to the COVID-19/’Vaccine’ debates.

First, I know people I trust who are inside several hospitals who are actually treating COVID-19 patients.  They are in New York, Georgia and Texas, which spread them out fairly well.  These people have told me that Ivermectin has not worked for their patients.  These people are also reporting hospitalization rates that do not match up with the national trends.  So, on the surface, I didn’t know what to make of these data points.  Either my friends were lying to me, or thousands of medical professionals in and out of the government throughout the entire world and on both sides of this issue were lying.  My problem was, I trusted these sources.  Consequently, I had an anomaly that seemed out of place because it didn’t make sense — until today.

Let’s go back to the video at the top of this post.  Click the link below and go to the 30:45 mark and just listen until he ends the first hour.  Seriously, this is important.  Please, watch it:

Good News While We Were Away | Guest: Dr. Ryan Cole | 9/21/21

Assuming you watched the video, did you notice the huge discrepancies between the numbers being reported from all those different countries?  The conflicting data Deace presented — all from the WHO — does not match with the conclusion that governments around the world are trying to kill people.  But neither does it match with the claims that the ‘vaccines’ are working.  In fact, it makes no sense at all — unless…!



Going back to Ockham’s Razor, and assuming everything else is equal, what is the simplest explanation for the following observations?

–Governments are intentionally killing people.

–The WHO data on the trends in COVID vaccination, new infection and death rates does not match what we would expect.

This one is tougher — unless you know about the history of government experimentation on its own population!

If you know the history of governments experimenting on their own population, then the simplest explanation for everything I have shared in this post is this:

There is a world-wide experiment being performed.

Yes, I know that is difficult to believe, but it is the one explanation that covers all the observed data points.  It explains the variations my friends report from their three different hospitals in three different States.  It explains why their reports do not match with the national CDC reports.  It explains why this country does not match with the rest of the world.  It explains why the data in the Deace video conflicts.  It even allows for the likelihood that many governments are using COVID to eliminate large portions of their elderly and at-risk population (remember: those people cost government the most money in healthcare services, and Progressives/Eugenicists have no problem with the idea of eliminating ‘useless eaters). 

The discrepancies and apparent contradictions would match if there was a world-wide experiment being conducted.  In fact, this is exactly what we would expect to see.  This is because different things would be tried out on different populations.  They would also have control groups in different populations.  If looked at as we are looking at it, such an experiment would produce exactly what we are seeing: discrepancies and apparent conflicts in the reported case data.  In fact, if all of this were happening in a much smaller population group, this conclusion might have been drawn much sooner, and by far more people — because it is a simple explanation for what we are seeing.

Therefore, since it explains everything we are actually observing in a simple, rational way, I conclude that there is a very high likelihood that the we are the victims of some sort of massive, world-wife experiment.



Yes, I am well aware that what I am arguing is the sort of thing ‘conspiracy theorists’ say.  If this is what you are thinking, I would point you back to the links I provided about the things our own government has done to us.  Do some research.  You’ll discover that the CIA had a hand in making ‘conspiracy theory’ one of the easiest ways to discredit people, ans well as MK Ultra and Operation Mockingbird: a mind control and media control program — both of which are still in use to this day.  So, I know why you might dismiss my argument as ‘conspiracy theory:’ because you have been programmed to do so.

However, if you will do as Steve Deace asked on his show and use your own brain, and think for yourself, you might find that — if you allow for the possibility of such a horrific thing — then my argument is the simplest answer for everything we are seeing in connection to COVID, the vaccines and the different and conflicting data.  In the end, whatever you decide is up to you.  But, as for me, I am skeptical toward all governments, and with good reason.  I know history; the nature of the people currently in control of our government, media, schools and big businesses; and I know that this is perfectly in line with the things they have said they want to do.  As I say, you are free to disagree, but the one thing you cannot say in good conscience is that I am crazy.  Not unless you can give me an equally simple explanation for everything I just covered.


If you happen to finish watching the rest of the Steve Deace Show video in this post, you will find an interview with a highly accredited doctor who explains some of what we may be seeing.  He posits that another explanation for the conflicting and apparently contradicting data is that some of the areas in question either used hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin early on in the COVID outbreak, or switched to it relatively quickly.  If this is the case, then it does offer another simple and reasonable explanation for the data we are seeing, but it also brings us back to a more disturbing conclusion — which is why I went with the ‘we are watching a global experiment’ conclusion.  Again, if this doctor is correct, then it would force us back to the original conclusion Steve Deace made on his show, and the first conclusion I drew in this post: ‘They’ are deliberately killing people!

The reason we would be forced back to this conclusion is simple: if the difference in foreign COVID data is due to different countries accepting alternative COVID treatments earlier in the pandemic, then the only way to explain what we are seeing in the U.S. that makes any sense is that American ‘Officials’ are intentionally  acting in a way that they know will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people who could otherwise have been saved.  Previously, before COVID, this would have been considered to be mass murder on a scale the world would have called ‘genocide.’  Since this smacks a little too much of ‘conspiracy theory’ — even for me — I chose to go with the idea of a global experiment.  However, there is a side of me that suspects there is not only an experiment, but that the experiment is designed to solve several problems for the global elite with a single stroke.


Assuming you did watch the rest of the Steve Deace Show video in the link I provided, then you heard the discussion about ADE (anti-body dependent enhancement).  This is where we can really run with a very plausible conspiracy theory.  Let’s explain that theory this way:

Suppose you are Dr. Evil and you want to control the entire world, but you have a group of people who will never surrender to your will no matter what you do.  How do you takeover the world?

What if you could take advantage of (or even create) a global pandemic to introduce a genetic manipulation that would force people to take your genetic manipulations.  Could this help your plans?  And what if you knew that you could use this genetic ‘vaccine’ to then create a super bug that is 100% guaranteed to kill everyone who does not get your shots on a regular basis?  Could you use that information?

Well, this is what ADE does for you.  You take advantage of a pandemic (or create it), then you use the resulting fear to convince the whole world to take your ‘vaccine.’  But you know that your ‘vaccine; is a ‘leaky vaccine,’ and that — sooner or later — it will create a super virus that kills everyone who does not get ‘vaccinated.’  What’s more, because your ‘vaccine’ only works for a short time, people will be forced to keep getting your ‘vaccines’ or die.  But your plan to rule the world is even more brilliant than that.  Because the people who always give you the most trouble are the same people who will refuse to take your ‘vaccine,’ they will die from the super virus you create.  But wait!  There’s more.  If you can just control the way the media portrays this whole plan, you can villainize the people who oppose you, making the vaxed people think that the unvaxed are trying to kill them.  This way, when the unvaxed villains finally die off, you can tell the vaxed — who now depend on your ‘vaccine’ for their very life — that you saved them from both the virus and the unvaxed villains who tried to kill them.  So, you not only take over the world, but you convince the people who are left and who are now under your control for life that you are their savior!

But this is not real: this is the stuff of real conspiracy theory.  I mean, just because this is exactly what happened to chickens and the creation of Marek’s disease, that’s not a good reason to think anyone would ever try it against people.  Anyone who even suggests such a crazy theory is on thin, thin ice…

[WARNING: bad language!]

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