Let’s Apply Some Common Sense To The COVID ‘Vaccine’ Controversy

There are many conflicting stories about the COVID ‘vaccines’ out there.  If you listen to the government and the corporate media, they will tell you these mRNA ‘vaccines’ are little short of the biggest medical miracle every invented.  Just do a simple Google search for “mRNA vaccine threats” and you will get a return of story after story reporting nothing but glowing praise for these injections.  You will find one story that reports the ‘official’ side-effects of the ‘vaccines,’ and a story about the inventor of mRNA technology warning against placing so much trust in the technology, but the rest of the stories will insist the shots are safe and that mRNA may eventually lead to the eradication of near about every disease known to man.  On the other hand, if you look to sources outside of the government’s control, you will find numerous warnings about the effects of these injections.  Many of these warnings are coming from highly respected and internationally renowned doctors specializing in immunology and virology.  They report to have data from properly conducted studies which support their assertions.  So far, the government has not refuted any of these claims with any data of its own, they merely argue that the claims are false and — therefore — dangerous and need to be censured for ‘public safety.’  So, how can any of us without highly specialized degrees sift through all this chaff to find the wheat?  Well, I propose to help us do just that, but this is going to require a longer post than usual.  I pray you will stay with me, as I believe what follows may be of immense help to many of you out there.

Let’s start by evaluating the credibility of the government, media and ‘big pharma.’  In recent years, our government has been caught lying to the American people more times than I can remember without doing a dedicated search.  The biggest and best example that comes to mind would be the impeachments of President Trump.  The Democrats in the House knew that the ‘Russia-gate’ charges were false.  In fact, several prominent Democrats in the House have since been exposed as having taken part in the construction of the Russia-gate hoax.  Similarly, recent information has come to light that strongly suggests the so-called Jan 6 ‘insurrection’ was a Democrat Party organized false flag attack.  Consequently, reason dictates that, with an issue as serious as these experimental therapies, we should hold everything the corporate and social media companies tells us as suspect.

Now, if we do a search on these stories, we will find corporate and social media companies insisting that Russia-gate was real and that there is no evidence of FBI collusion in the Jan 6 false flag attack on the Capital building.  The problem with this is that these same corporate and social media companies almost never report anything consistently.  Without writing an entire post proving the bias in these organizations, I will just state as fact that these organizations are biased toward the Democrat Party and the Deep State.  That this assertion is not true cannot be rationally argued.  Furthermore, the FBI has been caught organizing more than one false flag attack in recent times.  The Michigan incident is just one such example.  Therefore, reason dictates that, with an issue as serious as these experimental therapies, we should hold everything the government tells us as suspect.

Finally, we cannot trust ‘big pharma’ to tell us the truth.  Some of the largest law suits in U.S. history have been against the pharmaceutical industry.  Most of these companies admitted to paying kick-backs to doctors, making false and misleading statements about their drugs and reporting false data to the government agencies assigned to police them.  So, reason dictates that, with an issue as serious as these experimental therapies, we should hold everything big pharma tells us as suspect.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind before we evaluate the claims of threats associated with these experimental therapeutics:

–There have been so many issues connected to vaccines in general that the pharmaceutical companies cooperated with the government to create the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

–‘Officials’ claim that the VAERS data — the system set up to record adverse reactions to any and all vaccines — does not show any — zero — deaths related to any of the COVID ‘vaccines’ currently in use in the U.S.  Supposedly, corporate media has verified these assertions.

–While the drug companies are claiming there have been no verified COVID ‘vaccine’ deaths, there are deaths reported with nearly every other vaccine that has ever been administered.  There have been deaths from the HPV vaccine.  There have been deaths from Hepatitis B vaccinesPeople have died from the MMR vaccine.  In fact, people have died from nearly every vaccine on record except — if we believe the ‘authorities’ — from the COVID ‘vaccines.’

–In spite of their denials, there have been conflicting reports coming from VAERS, the CDC and Pfizer in regards to how many people have actually died from the COVID ‘vaccines.’

CDC VAERS Database Paints a Different Picture on COVID Shots

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine – ONLY
Deaths, Reported: 175
Pulmonary Embolism, Reported: 149

Pfizer COVID-19 – ONLY
Deaths, Reported: 1,327
Pulmonary Embolism, Reported: 176

Hepatitus B Vaccine – Comparison
58,066 events were reported.
168 death events were reported (leaving out other types).

VAERS: Number Of Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines Jumps By More Than 2,000 In 1 Week

VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 438,441 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 9,048 deaths and 41,015 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 2, 2021.

Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 Following COVID Vaccines

This week’s number of total adverse events for all age groups following COVID vaccines surpassed 400,000, according to data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data comes directly from reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

CDC Caught Deleting 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From VAERS Website, Report Says

The CDC’s constant changing of rules and guidelines surrounding COVID has made some weary and doubtful of its authority. This is also in part due to the fact that while the CDC meticulously tracks who has and has not received a COVID vaccine in the U.S., it has failed to shed light on those who suffered major side effects from the experimental vaccines or even passed away from it.

–There’s one more thing: the CDC and the drug companies are playing a statistical game with their reporting of adverse reactions.  Instead of counting the number of bad reactions against the number of people who have been given the injections, they are counting the number of reactions to the number of injections — not people.  Well, you should see the problem here.  If everyone is given two shots, then the way they are counting this will make the number of reactions seem to be half as bad as they are.  In other words, they are being intentionally dishonest in the way they are recording adverse reactions to these injections; skewing their results so that the percentage of reactions to injections is significantly lower than it actually is.  The fact is, if these injections were being treated as all other ‘vaccinations’ that have come before them, they would be immediately pulled from use as being demonstrably too dangerous for wide-spread use: emergency or no!

–Let’s stop here and admit that the drug companies have conducted very detailed research into the deaths reported to have been caused by other vaccines, and they have reported that many — but not all — of these deaths were either due to other causes, or could not be sufficiently tied to the vaccine in question.  Here is one such report:

Deaths following vaccination: What does the evidence show?

Corporate media has helped dispel myths about vaccine-related deaths:

Fact check: Do deaths from vaccination outnumber deaths caused by measles?

–The problem is, the drug companies and the corporate media have already been demonstrated to be untrustworthy.  Furthermore, the very existence of the compensation fund for adverse reactions to vaccinations testifies that the drug companies know that their vaccines can cause harmful effects.  But then we have reports such as this one

Leaked report reveals Moderna knows their Covid-19 injection has caused over 300,000 injuries and they have hidden them from health authorities

A leaked report from Moderna’s data collection company reveals that the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines have caused upwards of 300,000 vaccine injuries in a three-month time span – dwarfing the number of vaccine injuries Moderna actually reported to VAERS in that time frame.

And this one from the UK:

FACT – Deaths due to the Covid Vaccines in the UK after 6 months are 407% higher than deaths due to all other Vaccines combined in the past 11 years

A freedom of information request made to the MHRA has revealed just how deadly the Covid-19 vaccines really are.

–Did you know that, as part of the emergency authorization act under which these experimental therapies have been authorized, the drug companies have been fully exempted from any law suits?  So is the government.  This means, if the ‘vaccines’ do turn out to be harmful, there is nothing you can do about it, and no way to seek compensation for your injuries or necessary treatment.  Which brings us to this story:

A ‘black hole’ for COVID vaccine injury claims

It’s not that his firm doesn’t want to help. Representing people who’ve had (rare) major adverse reactions to vaccines for tetanus, measles, hepatitis, influenza and a dozen other shots is its bread and butter.

But the current system for handling COVID-related claims is different – and not in a good way. Because if you’ve suffered an injury related to the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines, you’re basically out of luck.

–The next thing we need to know before we move on to the assertions about how dangerous these ‘vaccines’ may be is that we do not have hard data on the efficacy (i.e. effectiveness) of these ‘vaccines.’  Normally, this information would be available before the vaccine were ever approved for human use.  We know that the efficacy of the polio vaccine is between 95-100%. The efficacy of the MMR vaccine is between 72-95%, depending on which disease we look at.  The efficacy of the typhoid vaccine is about 81%.  And when we talk about the efficacy of these vaccinations, we mean they have an effective rate of preventing the disease from ever being contracted.  None of this is true with the COVID ‘vaccines.’  When we look at the efficacy data reported on them, they start specifying how many shots, in what time frame and whether or not the shots are effective at prevention, prevention of hospitalization or prevention of death:

Comparative Effectiveness of Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) Vaccines in Preventing COVID-19 Hospitalizations Among Adults Without Immunocompromising Conditions — United States, March–August 2021

–This confirms the claim made in an earlier link: the CDC (which is the source of this last link) has created an entirely new system for evaluating these ‘vaccines.’  But then, this stands to reason as they had academia change the definition of a vaccine so these experimental therapies could meet the definition:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Quietly Changes Definition of ‘Vaccine’ to Include COVID-19 mRNA Injection

Merriam-Webster dictionary has quietly changed the definition of the term ‘vaccine’ to include components of the COVID-19 mRNA injection. The definition of vaccine was specifically changed due to the COVID-19 injection.

–Then we have to know that other parts of the world are starting to report a growing trend in the number of fully ‘vaccinated’ COVID patients that are having to be hospitalized, as well as a growing trend in the number of fully ‘vaccinated’ COVID patients who have died from the disease:

Most COVID deaths in England now are in the vaccinated – here’s why that shouldn’t alarm you

More vaccinated people are dying of COVID than unvaccinated people, according to a recent report from Public Health England (PHE). The report shows that 163 of the 257 people (63.4%) who died of the delta variant within 28 days of a positive COVID test between February 1 and June 21, had received at least one dose of the vaccine.

–This story goes on to explain that this is exactly what we should expect because vaccines are not effective at reducing death.  But the link before this last one — the one about how they changed the definition of a vaccine — says that is specifically what vaccines are supposed to do: prevent death!  A fact supported by the efficacy numbers of nearly every other vaccine before these COVID ‘vaccines.’  In other words, they have not only changed the definition of a vaccine, they have changed what it is supposed to do for you.  But there’s more.  The explanation in this last story might work — if it weren’t for Israel!

A look inside Israel’s recent coronavirus outbreak

Unlike in many other countries, most of the people testing positive in Israel are vaccinated, reported The Washington Post.

–Once again, the story tries to tell us that what is happening in Israel is to be expected, and it explains why.  But there is a problem with this explanation:

If we should expect fully vaccinated people to still catch and even die from a disease after being fully vaccinated, then why don’t we have small pox and polio outbreaks on a regular basis?

–The answer is simple: because a real vaccine prevents you from catching the disease!  Which means that these experimental COVID shots are not real vaccines — which is why they changed the definition of a vaccine — and the definition of what a vaccine is supposed to do.

–We have just a few more things we need to know before we can evaluate the supposed warnings about the threat of these experimental ‘vaccines.’  The next thing we need to know about is something called ‘leaky vaccines.’  In a nutshell, this is when a vaccine doesn’t work the way a vaccine should and — instead of protecting you — it creates a super bug that kills you whether you are vaccinated or not — exactly like the ‘delta’ variant is doing to the fully vaccinated in the UK and Israel.

Leaky vaccines promote the transmission of more virulent virus

…has demonstrated that leaky vaccines can make the situation for unvaccinated individuals worse. Leaky vaccines work by enhancing host immunity to a particular pathogen, without necessarily blocking or slowing viral replication. The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, can transmit. The evolutionary consequences of high virulence are thus reduced and these pathogens can be selectively favored as a result of leaky vaccination.

–Now, before we go all ‘conspiracy theory’ here and start accusing the government/media/big pharma of colluding to force everyone onto their ‘forever’ vaccines or die from the super bug they created with them — which is exactly what this story demonstrates can happen with leaky vaccines — let’s just stop and realize that, if this were happening, the government would be doing everything possible to get the entire world vaccinated so that the tens of millions of un-vaccinated people would not be killed off by the super bug they created with their leaky vaccines.  We can also rest assured that, if this were the case — or even if only it were a possibility — there would be reputable people screaming from the mountaintops to get us to stop using the vaccines.

OH!  Wait!  That is exactly what is happening: people have been trying to tell us that these experimental jabs are leaky, they created the delta variant, and that this is what we are seeing in the UK, Israel and — now — even in Michigan

–Luckily, even if this is what happens, there is nothing to worry about.  We may create an even more deadly variant that will then require everyone in the entire world to get regular jabs just to stay alive, but the big drug companies and the government will make sure we all get our life-saving jabs — so long as we do exactly what they tell us to do, that is.

Oh, snap!  I just went all tinfoil hat on you, didn’t I?  And I have absolutely no reason to think that way.  After all, nothing in the long list of things I just presented — which are all factual, by the way — nothing in that long list could give any rational person a reason to think the government/media/big pharma are being anything but totally transparent and honest with us — right?

[If you answered yes, I have a bridge in Brooklyn  and some beach front property in Yuma, California to sell you — cheap!]

–I just have a few more little, tiny-weeny little facts we need to cover, then I promise we’ll get to the wack-job conspiracy theorists crazy claims about the COVID ‘vaccines.’  We’ll start with a report from the University of Utah:

Blood Clotting, COVID-19 and Vaccines

Some COVID-19 vaccines are associated with an extremely rare syndrome known as vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT). It was discovered in March 2021 in connection to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and then later with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. In rare cases, antibodies that the body produces as a side effect of the vaccine lead to uncontrolled activation of platelets. This causes both low platelet counts and blood clots to form in unusual areas. VITT is not associated with the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccines.

According to the CDC, as of June 30, 2021, there have been 35 confirmed reports of VITT in connection to the J&J vaccine out of more than 12 million doses that have been administered in the U.S. In the United Kingdom, there are more than 300 confirmed cases of VITT connected to the AstraZeneca vaccine. Although VITT is extremely rare, it is a serious and treatable condition. Doctors now know how to recognize and treat VITT, and patients who receive the J&J vaccine are informed how to recognize its side effects.

–Now, the story tells us not to worry, these issues with the COVID ‘vaccines’ and blood clots are rare and doctors know how to treat them — but that isn’t the point!  The point is, we have been told these sort of complications from the ‘vaccines’ are not happening.  So, should we also accept the assertion that no one has died from a ‘vaccine’-induced blood clot?  Or would it be more prudent to be skeptical — now that we know for sure they have been lying to us about the danger posed by these experimental ‘vaccines.’  Here’s another reaction that is commonly reported, yet, once again, we’re told these are flase reports:

Bell’s palsy following COVID-19 vaccination

The association between COVID-19 vaccination and Bell’s palsy

So far there has been no clear evidence of association between COVID-19 vaccination and facial paralysis. However, the findings from Eric Wan and colleagues’ study

in The Lancet Infectious Diseases showed an overall increased risk of Bell’s palsy after immunisation with CoronaVac (Sinovac Biotech), a vaccine that uses the inactivated virus.

[Did you see that?  No ‘clear finding,’ but a reputable study that demonstrated an overall increased risk.  Folks, that is called ‘double-speak,’ a.k.a a contradiction.]

–Just a few more — I promise.  We will get to all the fake warnings about threats associated with the COVID ‘vaccines:’

Evidence grows stronger for Covid vaccine link to heart issue, CDC says

A higher-than-usual number of cases of a type of heart inflammation has been reported following Covid-19 vaccination, especially among young men following their second dose of an mRNA vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

Overall, 226 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis after vaccination in people younger than age 30 have been confirmed,…

–What about the reports of miscarriages associated with the COVID ‘vaccines?’

What we know about Covid-19 vaccines and miscarriages

A new, as yet not peer-reviewed, study looking at 2,456 pregnant women who got an mRNA vaccine (such as those from Moderna or Pfizer) before they conceived or up to 20 weeks found there was no increased chance of miscarriage.

[Did you get that?  The study is not peer reviewed, but they are happy to accept the findings while — at the same time — they reject anything and everything that is not peer reviewed if it finds something they do not like.]

Interesting.  OK, so, if there is no threat to pregnant wormen, why do we have this story then?

Former Pfizer VP urges pregnant, childbearing age women not to get COVID vaccine; CDC disagrees

A former Pfizer executive recently advised that women of childbearing age and those who are already pregnant should consider opting out of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this week that the vaccines are safe and don’t show an increased risk of miscarriage.

[Just so you understand: a man who worked for the company who makes the ‘vaccine’ recommends pregnant women not take the shot, but the CDC — which does not make or have complete testing data on — the vaccines ‘disagrees.’  Do you see the problem here?]

–This will be the last thing I want you to consider before we start dismantling the COVID conspiracy theories.  This next one is from the CDC, itself:

Possible Side Effects After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

Common Side Effects

On the arm where you got the shot:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Throughout the rest of your body:

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Nausea

But so is this one — or, at least the ‘conspiracy nuts’ say it is:

FDA Accidentally Reveals List Of Covid Vaccine Side Effects (Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death)

Wait!  There’s a little bit of a difference there!  But, like I said, the really bad stuff is all the work of ‘conspiracy’ types (pay no attention to the fact that I just posted links to official CDC pages that admit to knowing about some of the bad stuff in that last picture, but they don’t tell you about it on their official ‘side affect’ page)’

OK, it’s finally time to take on all the people telling us there is something wrong with these ‘vaccines.’  But wait!  Why?  Haven’t we just used government/media-approved/big pharma sources that actually make the case for these people warning us about problems with the ‘vaccine?’  The answer is, YES!  We don’t need to even look at what the other side is saying to come to the conclusion that there is sufficient reason to question the people telling us to take these experimental shots.  And they are still experimental.  They lied when they told you the FDA approved the Pfizer shot.  They approved the German ‘vaccine,’ not the Pfizer ‘vaccine.’  But the German ‘vaccine’ is not yet in production or available in the U.S. and — even if it were — U.S. law says everything from the EU is classified as ‘experimental’ and, thus, illegal for use in the U.S. until it undergoes the full 10-20 year approval process.

BOOM! Major law firm confirms FDA deceived America with its confusing ‘approval’ of Pfizer vax

See our article, which has over the past three days received nearly 150,000 reads: FDA ‘playing bait and switch’ with Americans, tricking them into believing shots currently being offered have been granted full approval when they have not.

Albeit confusing, and probably intentionally so, this summarizes the current status of the Pfizer-BioNTech shots:
All existing Pfizer vials (in the hundreds of millions), remain under the federal Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) (meaning people have the “option to accept or refuse”);
The third or “booster” Pfizer shot is identical to the above and remains under the EUA with limited use to certain categories of people;
BioNTech received FDA approval for people ages 16 and above under the name Comirnaty, but there are no Comirnaty doses available in the United States;
In other words, there is currently NO FDA approved COVID-19 injection available anywhere in the United States. Every COVID shot in America remains under the EUA law and thus people have the “option to accept or refuse” them; and
Even when an FDA approved COVID shot becomes available, individuals are protected by federal law and many states laws from being forced to get these shots based on their sincere religious beliefs or conscience rights.”

So, no, I don’t think we’ll worry about what the other side is saying because common sense dictates there is no need to waste the time or energy.  The jab-pushers have given us sufficient reason for caution all by themselves.

Finally, stop thinking you need ‘experts’ to tell you what to make of anything.  I just showed you what you can do if you’ll just put a little time and effort into doing your own, non-Google research?  Now, given everything we just covered, ask yourself these ast two questions, and let your answers to both of them guide you in how you think and react to the COVID ‘vaccine’ debate:

“Why don’t wee see this same information presented this same way on any major ‘news’ media sites?  And why does everyone who tries to inform you about any of this get censored and ‘cancelled?'”



It is a principle of logic that, if a person presents an argument that is internally contradictory, that argument is said to be ‘un-sound.’  This is a specialized language particular to logic, and many readers may not fully understand what this means.  I’ll try to explain it.  If an argument is ‘un-sound,’ that means it is fatally flawed.  To draw an illustration that most of us should be able to see and understand, this is an un-sound argument:

All cats are feline.

Sometimes, felines are dogs.

Therefore, it is clear to everyone that Snoopy is a cat.

You and I know that a dog cannot be a cat, and that Snoopy is a dog, therefore, Snoopy cannot be a cat.  But why?  Well, aside from what we would call common sense,’ the logical reason is that the argument is internally contradictory, or, self-contradicting.  This is the formal logical reason that this argument fails.

The problem with the official story about the experimental COVID treatments now being pushed on us is that the official narrative as to why we need to take the shots is internally flawed.  That is what all the links I provided above demonstrate: that the CDC, FDA, Government, Media, Big Pharma and Academia are all contradicting themselves.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the constantly changing and contradictory message being presented by Fauci:

Fauci’s mixed messages, inconsistencies about COVID-19 masks, vaccines and reopenings come under scrutiny

“Why should we trust Fauci with a national plan? Back in March, Fauci famously told Americans, ‘There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,'” wrote David Harsanyi in the National Review. “(Fauci now says we should wear two masks. No thanks, Dad.)”

This is a perfect illustration of internal contradiction: wear a mask — don’t wear a mask — wear two masks — laugh at the suggestion of wearing a mask to protect against an air-borne respiratory virus: accuse anyone who says that of being paranoid.

Now, I know that ‘They’ have said that Fauci is learning about COVID at the same time we are, and that this is why he keeps changing his narrative.  But again, that is a contradiction.  Either Fauci is an expert on this issue or he is not.  Either we follow science, or we do not.  But, when we have to say that Fauci needs to keep correcting himself because ‘the science’ keeps changing, what we are actually saying is that ‘science’ has a fixed method of investigation that constantly changes.  Folks, that is a contradiction of the highest magnitude.  It is like saying physics has fixed laws that constantly change and then claiming that we must trust whatever physicists say because nly they know how to read and predict these constant changes in fixed laws.  Or, to put it another way:

You are wet, but the definition of wet changes according to my desire, so you have to listen to and consult me to determine whether or not you are wet at any given time because only I am ‘expert’ enough on ‘wet’ and the changing definition of ‘wet’ to tell you if you are wet or not.

Is that clear enough?  Does it make sense to you?  Are you now going to email me every time you want to know whether or not you are wet?  If not, why not?  Don’t laugh this off: the answer to why you aren’t going to email me to find out whether or not you are wet should be the same answer you give to listening to people who cannot give you a constant explanation of how a common cold virus works and how to treat it (yes, COVID is just another strand of CORONA virus, otherwise known as the common cold virus).

So, to wrap this up:

–We know — as in, it has been factually demonstrated here in this post — that ‘They’ are presenting a self-contradicting narrative about COVID and the safety/effectiveness of the experimental shots.

–We know — as in, logic defines this as true — that, if an argument or narrative is self-contradicting, it is un-sound.

We know — as in, logic dictates — that we should not trust any conclusions drawn from an un-sound argument/narrative.

And that is why I do not trust the official story-line about either COVID or the safety and efficacy of these experimental ‘vaccines:’ because the official story is self-contradicting and, therefore, cannot be trusted.


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