For some time now, I have been struggling to keep up with this blog page.  I just cannot write about the things I used to address on TRTC — not any more.  The truth is, I no longer see and understand the world as I did when I started this blog.  I have ‘evolved’ or ‘grown’ (you can decide which word best applies) past my former understanding, and it has become nearly impossible to keep my new understanding out of my writing.  Every time I try to write the way I used to, I find myself feeling like a hypocrite.  That’s because I know I am not sharing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as I have come to understand it.  In turn, that makes me wonder how I can be any different from any of the people I oppose in my posts.  If I am being less than honest in writing about others who are being less than honest, then why should anyone listen to me?  And so, every time I try to write for TRTC, I find myself going to war against myself.  Well, if a house divided cannot stand, then how can a man divided against himself stand?  Anyway, the time has come to end my work on this blog.

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my musings.  When I started out, I thought I had answers.  Not any more.  I no longer think I have anything of any value to share, nor do I have any special way of sharing it.  I know so many others who are far more knowledgeable and far better at presenting that knowledge than I will ever be.  In my mind, people would be better off seeking out those from whom I learn as opposed to trying to learn from me.  Still, I know there are people who have found something valuable in my work.  They humble and honor me, and I am grateful for their kind words.  I count whatever I was able to help them with as a blessing.

As for the future of TRCT: Yesterday, when I was still trying to stay with TRTC, I deleted all the categories except for “ARCHIVES.”  Then I shoved every one of the older posts into that category.  The idea was to start re-writing them and then putting them in a more coherent format — but no longer.  My old posts are still there, and I plan to leave them there for as long as I keep TRTC on line.  This way, even though it will be harder to find them, the posts will still be there for those who want them.  Also, if you had saved a hyper link to any of my older posts, that link should still work.  I will keep TRTC live for at least on more year — just in case.  After that…?  Well, we will see.

As for what comes next for me: Well, I am still going to keep writing, but I am going to write the way I feel lead to write, and about things I am lead to write.  The truth is, I have struggled to separate my faith from my writing for too long.  I know that it has crossed over from time to time, but — out of deference to the subject matter and to those who do not share my faith — I have fought to keep things separated in my posts.  Well, I just can’t do this any longer because.  To be perfectly honest, I can no longer understand or explain things without blending my faith with the events of this world.  For me, they have become inextricably tied together, and I simply have to treat them this way.  For those who might still want to follow my writing, and who are willing to accept that I will no longer exclude my faith in my writing, you can find me here:

As Through Glass

And to the rest of you: all I can say is, thank you for following TRTC.  It has been my honor, and I have been truly humbled by the realization that anyone would actually want to read what I have to say, let alone a hundred plus different people.  I wish you all the best.  Be well and stay safe.  Good-bye.



  1. Thank you for your time and effort. You have taken on and excel at one of the most important missions of life, shouldering personal responsibility. It seems like such a simple thing to realize, accept; but in reality it is a life engaging struggle to fix oneself, and then try to shape chaos into order in the world around you. You have helped me in that way, and I am sure many others. I will miss your musings, and believe you have more answers than you know. In the mean time, I will check you out at “As Through Glass”, and I am also interested in who you read and follow. Thank you so much, but I’m not saying goodbye!

    1. Thanks, Michele,

      I appreciate your kind words. I just want to make sure you understand why I cannot continue on this page. Natural Law is real. The problem is that there are two types: God’s and man’s. Even Locke got his version wrong, as Locke was trying to walk a middle ground between the two.

      It is difficult to discuss the two types completely on a blog that — by its nature — infers that it is not Faith-based. But then, this is the problem: Natural Law does not work without God. The founders tried it and they got the Articles of Confederation. Didn’t work so well. It is the same reason Ayn Rand’s philosophies cannot and will never work, and why Libertarians never go anywhere. God MUST be acknowledged or nothing works, and I cannot acknowledge and explain His hand on this page.

      Besides, I can no longer see any separation, so how can I write about something I no longer see? That would be a disservice to anyone who reads me.

      I hope you’ll find As Through Glass to be as helpful. If not, you stay safe, and God bless 🙂


      1. Actually I think there is only one Natural Law, that based on God’s Law, not man’s. You are right, Natural Law does not work without God’s Law. I always saw your explanations of the Constitution, rights, etc. as couched in God’s Law. I guess that is why I didn’t understand your struggle with the site for a long time. I still believe there is a place for examination of our Foundation, Rights, documents, branches of government as teaching tools for so many who have no idea any longer what they are and what they mean. It was that knowledge that you imparted that I enjoyed learning about, but I would have just as easily understood that message from a religious perspective, since I believe Divine Providence is at the core of America’s foundation, and without God’s moral guidance influencing the majority of people, our fate is questionable. Part of me also believes that as long as a few understand the immense God given gift of individual freedom codified in our American Constitution, which also carries the immense burden of personal responsibility, all God given elements of life, there will always be hope.

        1. I think you’ll find that I will continue with the type of posts you are referring to here on the new blog. I will also be carrying over a great deal of the information I had on my 3rd page, The OYL. I am going to write on everything from the same page from now on because, as I said, everything has become integrated in my mind.

          That said, I do not think a non-believer will be overly challenged by me on As Through GLass. It’s not like I plan to start preaching. I am not a preacher. My calling is to teach THE BELIEVERS, but ALL are welcomed — so long as they understand the position from which I am writing and that they have elected to be a visitor on my page by reading my posts (respect goes two ways 🙂 ).

          If pressed, I think the only thing that will change is that I will no longer censor myself as I had been doing. I understand YOU may not have seen the reason for my struggles, but read a few of the posts on As Through Glass and you might start to get a feel for what I was trying to explain 🙂

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